Nuestros profesores:

Kevin Doherty

Hola! My name is Kevin and this will be my fourth summer working at Sol's Summer Camp. I'm currently a High School History teacher working just outside of Washington D.C. I enjoy teaching through music, dancing, sports and interactive games. I have not worked at Sol's camp in four years and I'm very excited to come back. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in July!

Maria Nava

Hello! I reside in Elgin, Illinois; I am an English Language Learners Kindergarten teacher. I have been teaching in the United States for over 9 years and absolutely love my career. Teaching is my passion, I feel rewarded watching my students flourish within the environment I provide; it is an environment whereby they feel safe, secure, happy, and where they can be themselves. This environment offers them the ability to explore life’s opportunities while enjoying the learning process. In my opinion, children learn best when given the opportunity to freely explore, to be hands on, to play and/or sing. I enjoy singing, playing, and having a good time with my students, therefore, I provide this type of learning environment for my children, I feel this is how they learn best. I am very excited and am truly looking forward to the opportunity to work with you and your children; I am eager to meet them and provide them with the same opportunities I have provided all the children I’ve worked with throughout my teaching career.

Courtney Hurt

Hello! this is my third year working for Sols Summer Camp. I am 26 years old and am from North Carolina, USA. I have been living and teaching in Seville for four years, and I love what I do (that’s why I haven’t left yet). I am also a big fan of the outdoors, traveling, and reading. I hope you all are ready for some fun and English this summer. See you soon!

Mia Sidlin

Hola! My name is Mia and I’m from Chicago, Illinois. I’ve been to Sevilla for the past three summers! The first two summers I helped out at Sol’s Summer Camp as a teacher’s assistant and a Coordinator’s assistant. Last year I had the amazing opportunity be a teacher in this camp and I'm so excited to be coming back as a teacher this summer once again! My first language is English and I am somewhat familiar with Spanish. I’ve taken a total of three years of Spanish throughout my educational career. I love to play sports, travel, and hang out with friends and family. I also love meeting new people, learning about new cultures, and being around kids. I’m so excited to meet all the campers and staff in Sevilla this July!

Christine Quinlan

Hello, my name is Christine. This is my fourth year volunteering at Sol’s Summer Camp. Every year at the end of July, I always announce this was my last summer in Sevilla. However, I always come back. I just cannot stay away from the wonderful kids who attend the camp. I also believe that Sol’s Summer Camp is a great place for kids to learn and have fun. So excited to have another summer volunteering at the camp.

Laura Gonzalez

Hi! I am a 1st English as a Second Language in the United States. I have been teaching now for 6 years and it has been so great to see how much English my students attain every single year. I am a very outgoing, friendly and a loving teacher, but I also like to create daily routines in order to make sure that all of my students are doing what they are suppose to do. This will really help my students stay focused but yet engaged in all of the great activities planned. I am really excited to work with your child and can not wait to see how much growth your chid will have after he or she has finished this summer school program.

Barbara Duchesne

Hi! I’ve been teaching English in Sevilla for about 4 years. I’ve worked with children of all ages and particularly enjoy working with the little ones. I am passionate about my job as a teacher and think it’s very important to create a fun and warm learning environment and especially for the children to have a good time! This will be my second year at Sol’s summer camp and I am very excited to get started !

Susan LaGrippe

Hello! I come from Chicago, Illinois. I have lived here my whole life, but have spent my summers traveling the world. I love meeting new people and immersing myself in other cultures. I have taught middle school science, history, and English, and this is my 24th year teaching. My Bachelor of Science degree is from Northern Illinois University, and I earned a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University Chicago. I am a National Board Certified Teacher and hold an Illinois Master Certificate. I look forward to a summer in Spain and to teaching at Sols Summer Camp for the fourth summer.

Dan Slack

Hello, my name is Daniel and I am from San Francisco, California. I'm 35 years old and I have been living and teaching English in Seville for 5 years. I love learning and teaching and have taught all ages and levels. I love to travel, surf, hike, and play sports. This will be my third year at Sol's summer camp and I look forward to getting to know the new children and having fun while teaching English!

Hollie Morris

I am Hollie Morris, originally from the Chicago area but now living in Prishtina, Kosova. I'm very happy to be returning to Sols for a third year! I have been teaching children for the last 8 years and love working with kids of all ages. In the States, I worked as a Spanish teacher and taught sixth, seventh, and eighth grades while now in Kosova, I teach Pre-K. I am looking forward to the summer in Sevilla and am excited to meet and teach the children. I hope to create many wonderful memories for them while they learn English!

Emma Jarvis

Hello, I am currently a senior at Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. I am pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education. My passion is working with young children. I have been a Summer Bible Camp Leader, volleyball and swim class instructor and a lifeguard at my neighborhood pool. This past year I have had the opportunity of observing and assisting in many classroom settings as part of my teacher training. I am really excited about returning to Sol’s Summer Camp and look forward to teaching English as a Second Language!

Maria Jarvis

Hello, I am an elementary school teacher in the United States. I have many years experience teaching English as a Second Language to students in grades K-5. Over the years I have been a classroom teacher. Most currently I am a Reading and Math resource teacher at John Jay Elementary School in Mt. Prospect, Illinois. I enjoy reading children’s literature. My favorite thing to do at school is read aloud books to children. I have an extensive personal library that I share with my students and colleagues. I am looking forward to returning to Sol’s Summer Camp. I am confident that your children will learn English through songs, nursery rhymes, games, creative movement, as well as meaningful hands on activities and crafts.

Abby Gallagher

Hello there! I return to Sol's for my fourth summer.  I come from the Chicago area in the United States and received a Master's Degree in Bilingual and Multicultural Education from la Universidad de Alcala.  I have travelled and taught across the world in bilingual and international schools in the U.S., Spain, and Vietnam.  I became trilingual as an adult and understand the language learning process,  love seeing my students (from two years all the way to adult) soak up a new language and light up when they speak, sing, and chant new words successfully.  Recently I've spent time in New Zealand and Australia traveling and hiking the beautiful countryside.  I look forward to sharing my passion for learning and travel with my new class in Seville!

Adriana Ruiz

Hi! I'm Adriana and I am originally from San Antonio, Texas. I am currently studying Bilingual Primary Education at Loyola University. This is my second year at Sols and I can't wait! Last year was truly an amazing learning experience and I'm so excited for the months to come. I've been teaching ESL for about 5 years now but nothing is quite as fun as learning/teaching English while playing on a water jumpy house :) Being surrounded by kids with smiling faces makes me so happy. See you all soon!

Ashley Arenholz

Hello! My name is Ashley. I am 25 years old and from Kansas City, USA. This is my first summer at Sol’s Summer Camp although I’ve been living in Seville for the past two years working as an English teacher. Working with children is my passion and I’m so excited to spend this summer at English camp! My other hobbies include traveling, learning and practicing Spanish, all things Disney, spending time with my family and friends, and being outdoors. I can’t wait to meet all of our campers and start our summer of fun. See you all soon!

Ilse Solorio

Hello, My name is Ilse Solorio, and I live in Aurora, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. I am a Kindergarten Teacher at McCleery Elementary School in Aurora, IL. This will be my 3rd summer teaching at Sol’s Summer Camp. I’ve fallen in love with Spain’s amazing food and culture, and I just can’t seem to stay away! I love to sing, dance, and teach. Education is one of my passions, and I believe one of the best ways to learn is through song and dance. I hope to share my passions with the students at Sol’s Summer Camp and help them learn English in a fun and educational environment. I can’t wait to be back! See you in July!

Melanie Abel

Hola! Me llamo Melanie Abel y soy un estudiante de Matemáticas y Español a la Universidad de Maryland. Este es mi primer año trabajando a Sol’s Summer Camp y soy muy emocionada. Me encanta trabajando con niños y espero que puedo ayudar hacer este el mejor año. También me gusta viajar y aprender sobre culturas diferentes y pienso que este es un oportunidad increíble de hacerlo.

Caitlin Doherty

Hi! I am an elementary education major at the University of Maryland. I love working with children, and and have been a swim coach and instructor for the past five years. Last year I volunteered in Honduras with other UMD students in El Progreso, Yoro. This past winter I did a short two week study abroad trip where I taught English and math in El Salvador. I am very excited to return to Camp Sol and can't wait for the summer to start!

Mary Kaltenbach

Hi! I am very excited to be returning to Sol's Summer Camp for my second year!! In Chicago I am a school social worker, working with children from ages 3 to 21 and their families. I had so much fun last summer I can't wait for July!!!

Leeann Mendenhall

Hi! I am a bilingual and ESL teacher from the Chicagoland area. I have been working with English learners from preschool age to eighth grade since 2007. I like having a productive, effective, fun, and happy learning environment for my students. I also enjoy incorporating music, nature, dance and humor into language learning. I am looking forward to having a great summer class!

Georgia Entwistle

Hi! I'm Georgia from England. This will be my second year at Sol's Summer Camp and I'm so excited. Last year was an amazing experience for both me and the children, and I cannot wait to return again this year to make more fun memories. I have experience teaching a range of different ages and levels in Madrid. I will be moving to the Andalusia region this September working for the British Council teaching English in schools. I love travelling, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. I have lots of new fun activities and ideas for this year's camp which I can't wait to share with all the children!!

Rubi Cortes

Hello, I am a bilingual kindergarten teacher in Aurora Illinois since 2001. I have earned my Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education. I have received my Bilingual and English as a Second Language certification from National Louis University in Chicago Illinois. Also, I received my Master in Arts of Reading Instruction at Aurora University (Aurora Illinois). Kids and parents deserve the best education. Being a well-rounded educator, I have had the opportunity to teach English to Spanish speaking students in the USA. Through hands-on activities, songs, and games; I have enhanced my teaching techniques that are beneficial for students to learn English. One of my strengths as an educator is awakening the love for literature at a young age. I accomplish this by incorporating rich literature everyday with my students. As hobbies, I like to read, go for walks, and I enjoy biking, but one of my favorite hobbies is to travel. I’ve had the opportunity to visit different countries in Latin America and Europe. One of the European cities that I have been to is Madrid. I really enjoyed this beautiful city, and I am very excited to learn more about Spain’s gorgeous culture and history.

Erin Schalow

Hi, I´m from Wisconsin in the United States, which is located in the mid-west between Canada and Chicago. I´ve been living and working as an English teacher in Sevilla for 9 years. I´ve taught all ages, but I really enjoy teaching young learners and teens. This is my second year with Sols Summer Camp and I´m looking forward to meeting my campers and making new memories! In my free time, I enjoy watching tv programmes, going to the beach and rollerblading.

Nichole Samuels

Hello, I'm from Birmingham England. I am an English language teacher living in Sevilla. Although I have been here for a short time I have fallen I love with the city and the people living here. Before moving to Spain, I worked as a Design Technology teacher at a secondary school in England. I love teaching fun and engaging lessons and seem to have a knack for developing strong relationships with the children I work with. This is my first year working at Sol Sumner camp and I am very excited to get stuck into some good educational fun.

Bridget Collingwood

Hi, my name is Bridget and I’m from the South of England. I’m an Exeter University graduate with a BA English degree and a Trinity CertTESOL qualification to teach English. I’ve spent the last couple of years enjoying the Spanish culture and lifestyle in Sevilla, whilst having a great time teaching English to children and adults. I particularly love teaching children, watching them grow in confidence and having fun as they learn. In my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, cycling and exploring new places. I’m so excited to be returning to Sol’s Summer Camp for a second year and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Manuela Amaro

Greetings! I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor’s degree in Education. I then got my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction through National Louis University. I am also a National Board Certified Teacher since November 2010. I’ve been a teacher for 17 years in Illinois. I’ve taught kindergarten up to fourth grade bilingual. My passion is to teach children through play, singing and dancing as well as making fun activities. It is crucial for children to be engaged in their learning at a young age especially if it’s their second language. My daughter Anelcy and I, can’t wait to meet all of our new little friends in July! See you soon!!

Elinor Sullivan

Hi! My name is Nell Sullivan. I have a B. A. in Elementary Education and a M. S. in Curriculum and Instruction. I have been a teacher in Chicago Public Schools for the past 14 years. I am a volleyball and cross country coach. I enjoy water sports and running. This will be my second year at Sol’s Summer Camp. I am so excited to spend the summer back in Seville working with the campers and counselors singing, dancing, and playing games while learning!

Maggie Sullivan

Hi! My name is Maggie Sullivan and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I have an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education. I have been teaching fourth and fifth grade for the past seven years. I enjoy water sports and running. This will be my first year at Sol’s Summer Camp. I can’t wait to spend the summer in Seville working with the campers and counselors singing, dancing, and playing games while learning!

Samantha Contreras

My name is Samantha and I’m so excited to be visiting Spain for the first time to teach at Sol’s Summer Camp! I have lived close to Chicago, Illinois, my whole life. I’ve been teaching first grade for three years. I have my Bachelor of Arts in sociology with a focus in psychology and Spanish. I then decided to return to school to become a teacher and study second language acquisition. I learned Spanish as a young adult in college and quickly realized I had a passion for teaching elementary students in both English and Spanish. I cannot wait to meet my new students this July at Sol’s Summer Camp!

Paige Reconnu

Hello! I'm Paige Reconnu. I've been a teacher in Illinois, USA, for the past 18 years. I teach math, reading, social studies, and co-teach science at the middle school level in a special education classroom. I have a true passion and love for travel which is reflected in my teaching. One of my favorite things to do is to help my students understand the world around them and appreciate others' cultures and values. Last year, I was invited to help another teacher at Sol Summer Camp for a week, and I fell in love with the warm environment and energetic students. This year, I will get to extend my stay for two weeks. Yay! I'm looking forward to returning to beautiful Sevilla, reconnecting with students from last year, and getting to know new students. We're going to have an amazing time!

Elana Sindelar

Hi! My name is Elana and I am from Missouri, and a recent college graduate with extensive work with children. I love to sing, dance and have lots of fun. I believe ALL children have endless potential for learning and creativity, and it’s my job as a teacher to find it and cultivate it. I taught English in South Korea for two years and greatly enjoyed the experience. I am looking forward to meeting the beautiful children of Spain and teaching them English in unique and imaginative ways while also having tons of fun. See you all at Sols Summer Camp!

Rebecca Kinsella

Hola! My name is Rebecca and I am a Junior Elementary Education major at the University of Maryland. I have been studying Spanish the past two years and am intrigued by the Spanish culture. I am passionate about working with kids and have worked at a summer camp the past seven years. I have also taught English as a Second Language at a summer camp in Russia two years ago. I am very active and love working out and playing sports. I also love to cook and read. I’m very excited to start my first summer working at Sol’s summer camp and can’t wait to meet you and your children!

Emilia Casaus

Hi! I’m Emilia, but I normally go by Mila, and I’m from Liverpool. I’m 21 and a history student at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. This is my first year at Sols Summer Camp, but I love working with children and I am so excited to meet everyone! My family’s Mexican so we mainly speak Spanish at home. I love reading, travelling and horse riding. I’m so excited to be joining the Sols Summer Camp team this summer.

Sandy Davila

Hi everybody! I live in Chicago, Illinois. I’m a lower primary grades English Language Learner first grade teacher. I recently came back from teaching Montessori Pre-K and Kindergarten and English for three years in Chongqing and Chengdu, China. I love teaching lower grades, singing, playing, getting messy, etc. I like teaching students as much as I like learning from them. I also enjoy learning about different cultures, sports, languages, music, and traveling. This will be my first year at Sol’s summer camp. I’m excited and looking forward to meeting the little ones.

Norma Perez

Hola! I have been a teacher in England and Spain. I graduated from ASU (Arizona State University) with a Master’s in English as a second language, as well as obtained a Masters on bilinguilism from the University of Seville. I also have a PhD in Film Studies. I have been teaching in Spain for more then ten years to students of all ages. At present I am working in a school as well as an English language academy, so I am always on the run. It is a good thing I like to run. Besides running I like to go dancing, listen to music and watch old films. I especially like working with younger students and have participated in a summer camp for children where we had lots of fun with diffferent arts and crafts activities. This is my first year at Sol’s Summer Camp for three years and I am really looking forward to the experience!

Kristina Sawyer

Hola! I am a marine scientist and am a teacher in Elgin, Illinois. I studied Marine Biology in Washington and Oregon on the west coast of the United States. I then moved to San Francisco, California to teach marine science to students. For 3 years I worked at an education facility and led field trips (on our 85 foot boat!) and summer camps. A few years ago, I moved back to Illinois to be closer to all of my family and began a new adventure as a third and fourth grade bilingual education teacher! I love the outdoors and sports- especially tennis, bike riding, and soccer. I also enjoy music, especially musical theatre. And I love to travel and am excited to be in Sevilla this year!

Jessica Menzies-Yip

Hi!! I'm Jessica, Jess or Jessy and I'm from Dallas, Texas. I have been a teacher for four years and this is my second year teaching English in Sevilla to primary and infantil. In the states I taught 3rd grade at a Spanish Language Immersion school. This last year in Sevilla I have been in infantil with 3-5 year olds singing, dancing and playing in English! This will be my first year at Sol's summer camp and I am just bubbling with excitement to have fun with the kids learning and practicing English!

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